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Since the establishment of Hardmetal Technology Ltd in 1995, our company has grown rapidly to become an acknowledged leader in the supply of high precision components and finishing services. The comprehensive and complimentary engineering facilities at Hardtech include EDM Machining, Cylindrical & Surface Grinding, CNC Milling & Turning, production of Rotary Tool Blanks, Punches & Micro Tools and enable us to provide one-stop solutions to complex engineering requirements.

We are able to precision machine across an extensive range of materials including Tungsten Carbide, PCD, Ceramics, Heavy Metals, Steels, Super Alloys, HVOF and Plasma Coatings.

By applying the Company Directors’ wealth of industry knowledge, employing a highly skilled workforce and investing in advanced technology, we have earned an excellent reputation for the efficiency of our services, the high-quality of our output, and for the cost effective nature of our work.

Although our website is designed to give you a broad overview of our activities and such is the comprehensive nature of our range of products and services, it would be impossible to include all relevant details. If you have a particular problem or query, please contact us by phone or email.