Rotary Tool Blanks


rollomatic-1Hardmetal Technology is aware that high-quality blank preparation is a critical factor in producing perfect cutting tools, such as drills, form tools, reamers and endmills. To ensure the production of the best possible blanks in carbide and other materials, we use an advanced Rollomatic ShapeSmart™ CNC 5-axis cylindrical grinding machine.

Our high-precision Rollomatic, ideal for applications requiring complex geometries and high length-to-diameter ratios, incorporates a versatile 3-axis robot loader and in-process gauging meaning we can successfully grind small batch quantities and guarantee accuracy throughout longer production runs.

The Rollomatic patented grinding process is a proven method that provides superior performance rigorous straightness, roundness and optimal concentricity over diameters ranging from 0.2mm to 16mm and on products ranging from simple drill carbide blanks to multi-diameter drill reamers.

Rollomatic’s P4Smart design software and twin-wheel grinding capability parts are roughed out and finished in one operation. Glass-scales on the roughing and finishing axis help to achieve the highest level of accuracy and diameter control while providing a superior surface finish on tapers and radii.